How to make mushroom chocolates

Learn How to make mushroom chocolates

mushroom chocolate bars
mushroom chocolate bars

Making mushroom chocolates typically involves infusing chocolate with dried magic mushrooms, also known as psilocybin mushrooms. However, it’s important to note that the use and possession of psilocybin mushrooms are illegal in many places, so be sure to research and follow the laws in your area before attempting to make mushroom chocolates.

Here’s a general recipe for making mushroom chocolates:


  1. Dried psilocybin mushrooms (make sure you know the appropriate dosage for your experience level and always start with a low dose)
  2. Dark or milk chocolate (you can use chocolate bars, chips, or melts)
  3. A double boiler or microwave
  4. A mold for shaping the chocolates (you can use silicone molds or ice cube trays)
  5. Optional: Flavorings or additional ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, or extracts


  1. Prepare the mushrooms:

    • Start by grinding the dried mushrooms into a fine powder. You can use a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle for this. Measure out the desired dosage for each chocolate.
  2. Melt the chocolate:

    • If using a double boiler, fill the bottom pan with water and place it over low heat. Place the chocolate in the top pan and stir until it’s completely melted.
    • If using a microwave, place the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval until it’s fully melted.
  3. Mix the mushrooms:

    • Once the chocolate is melted, add the powdered mushrooms to it. Stir well to ensure the mushroom powder is evenly distributed throughout the chocolate.
  4. Optional additions:

    • If desired, you can add flavorings or additional ingredients like nuts or dried fruits to the chocolate mixture at this stage. Mix them in thoroughly.
  5. Pour into molds:

    • Pour the mushroom-infused chocolate mixture into your molds. Tap the molds gently on the counter to remove any air bubbles.
  6. Cool and set:

    • Place the molds in the refrigerator and let the chocolates cool and set. This typically takes a couple of hours, but you can leave them overnight for the best results.
  7. Remove from molds:

    • Once the chocolates have hardened, carefully remove them from the molds. Be gentle to avoid breaking them.
  8. Store in a cool, dark place:

    • Store your mushroom chocolates in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Be sure to label them clearly and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Remember that consuming psilocybin mushrooms can have potent and unpredictable effects on your mind and body, so it’s crucial to approach them with caution, respect, and knowledge. Always start with a low dose and ensure you’re in a safe and comfortable environment with trusted individuals if you choose to consume them. Additionally, be aware of the legal implications in your area before making or using mushroom chocolates.

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