Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom


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Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

The Aztec Gods magic mushroom strain is average in terms of potency. Somewhere around 0.50–0.70% psilocybin and 0.10% – 0.20% psilocin (0.60% – 0.90% total tryptamines).

With that said it’s notoriously difficult to pinpoint the specific potency of mushroom strains because of how much they’re affected by factors like growing and storage conditions. Even samples taken from different parts of the same mycelial culture have been found to have widely varying psilocybin levels. Likewise, samples tested of the same strain grown in different conditions can also vary significantly.

It’s important to take the potency recommendations of mushroom strains with a grain of salt. One of the early specimens of the Aztec God strain was noted to have a much lower potency than mentioned above. Just 0.20% psilocybin. This reading was taken by Heim and Hoffman, the two men who originally isolated the strain, but it was reportedly taken on an old specimen.

We often turn to the results from Oakland Hyphae’s Psilocybin Cup for more accurate and more recent psilocybin content readings. However, the Aztec God strain is relatively uncommon, and there have not yet been any entries with this particular strain.


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